CloudLock:The Best Way To Secure Your Google Docs

CloudLock secures your Google Docs and gives you the control & visibility you need for your domain. Audit & manage access rights, implement governance, compliance & records retention.

Features Of Cloudlock:-
Control and Visibility Across Your Google Docs Domain:-
CloudLock provides the visibility and control you need over your domain’s Google Docs. Use CloudLock to search for keywords and meta data, find and fix exposure, audit sharing permissions, generate compliance reports, monitor changes in access rights, and get alerts when changes occur.

Make Google Docs Your Cloud File Server:-
Google Docs is fast becoming a central document and file store for many organizations. Its ease of use, large storage capacity and access from anywhere enables organizations to replace traditional on-premise solutions in favor of a file server in the cloud.


Secure Your Google Docs While Saving Time:-
With CloudLock, you can put Google Docs security on auto-pilot with scheduled scans, alerts, change history and a full audit trail. Use CloudLock’s end-user enablement feature to delegate sharing responsibility to data owners and get automated emails when sensitive data permissions change.

Key Benefits Of Cloudlock:-

1. Reduce Risk And Liability
2. Enable Distributed Administration
3. Use Google Docs As A “Cloud File Server”
4. Transfer Ownership and De-provision Old Accounts.Realize Existing  Investments.
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