Could Google Fast Flip Have Survived on Tablets?

Fast Flip will be removed from Google News and Labs in the coming days, though its approach to web content display will be integrated into other tools, Google announced on its blog.

The tool aims to replicate the print-reading experience online by allowing users to browse stories more quickly. It came at a time when more news organizations were willing to experiment with web content distribution and boasted it had an impressive list of launch partners.


Fast Flip, which celebrates its second birthday this month, is at the top of the list when sorting Google Labs projects by popularity.

The product didn’t show much promise from the start, it may have seen success if it had been reworked as a tablet app.


Google may have been better off creating a feature to simplify browsing news on a tablet rather than the conventional web.Fast Flip is one of nine in a batch of products to be discontinued from Google Labs. The company announced it would shutter Labs experiments shortly after releasing its second-quarter earnings results in mid-July.

Other Labs products Google will shut down:

  • Aardvark:
  • Desktop:
  • Fast Flip:
  • Google Pack:
  • Google Web Security:
  • Image Labeler:
  • Notebook:
  • Sidewiki:
  • Subscribed Links:


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