Create Awesome Social Media Timeline With Timekiwi

Codeartists has created a new web application named Timekiwi.It allows users to create a timeline with the help of your social media accounts.There are many social media sites that supports Time kiwi such as Twitter,Tumblr,Posterous, and Instagram.This site basically provides a new take on lifestreaming by converting the Timeline format into final product.

If you want to include a account into your timeline then just click on “Show me my timeline” and after clicking, the remaining work will do by the Timekiwi itself.In the context of Twitter the previously old retweets will be seen in your timeline but the aboriginal retweet function and the replies would not be seen in your timeline.

There are two types of layouts are currently available for the timeline,horizontally and vertically.You can also share the link directly from the social networking sites scch as Facebook,Twitter etc.The feature of printing your timeline is also available.If you want to add instagram in your timeline then connect it at last.

Wordpress provides the option to choose the exact date and time of your post before publishing the post,so with the help of wordpress you can create a historical timeline by importing the information from the wordpress into Timekiwi.It is very important that before adding your wordpress acoount to Timekiwi your entire timeline is ready to display or not.

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