Best Buy for performance oriented users:Dell XPS L501x

Most of the Powerful and performance oriented laptops are blindingly expensive if you search in any brand . The dell Laptop XPS L501 launched a few months back is now the most popular among the high performance machines and its relatively cheap.

Have a look at the


It has the fulgurous design. The X-Factor is the sound that you never heard before. Listen to the every beat and groove while working on with the inbuilt subwoofer.




It comes with quad core Intel Core i7-740QM processor or dual-core Intel Core i5-480M. It’s still a good chip, and comparable to the one in a base-level 15in MacBook Pro. It will deliver the best performance with the 6GB of DDR3 RAM (can customized with 4 or 8GB of RAM also). Ample space is available with 640GB  7200rpm hard drive.

The NVIDIA GeForce GT 435M graphics card is a mid-range model — it’s more potent than the MacBook Pro’s GT 330M. This graphics adapter drives the Dell XPS L501’s 15.6in, LED-backlit LCD screen — our test unit used the RGB LED-backlit 1920×1080-pixel model — which is able to display excellent clarity and brightness levels (among the best we’ve seen from a 15in screen). As you’d expect, the Dell XPS L501x also has 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi, a couple of USB 3.0 ports and an eSATA connector.

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