Discover New Things To-Do with Schemer

Google has launched an invitation-only website called Schemer. The site’s goal seems to help users to discover new things, schedule them and share schemes with others using Google+. Schemers goal is help people do fun stuff in the real world.

Schemer is in Beta mode and testing its features with a limited number of users world wide. A scheme is any activity that can be done in the real world, whether it’s riding up the hills to watch the sunset or hanging out with friends at the evening. Schemer will track completed schemes, record them in a list of accomplishments, and will eventually recommend new schemes tailored to the user’s interests.

Schemer’s website lists a number content partners including National Geographic, Zagat, Bravo, Food Network, and Rolling Stone. These partner suggest their recommended activity to users to give them an idea about what Schemer can do for them.

If you are interested in doing fun stuff and have no clue about the act then you must try Schemer. Just go to Schemer home page and request for Schemer invitation.

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