Do You Know Something About Gmail usernames or Email id?

While registering your username with Gmail you must have faced problem this username is not available, why is this like if you have already registered a domain name “” then why can’t you register a domain name “” with dots. That is right Gmail only one registration to any name means if a particular name is registered you can add as much dot you want but you cant register the same id. So what is the reason behind this ?

Gmail Username same.

Once you sign up for a particular username, any dot or capitalization variations are made permanently unavailable for new registration. If you created, no one can ever, or

Most important Gmail doesn’t recognize dots as characters within usernames, adding or removing dots from a Gmail address won’t change the actual destination address. Messages sent to,, and are all delivered to your inbox, and only yours. if you want to check this out add any no of dots to your email id of Gmail and send the mail you will receive this as you will be getting your usual mails..

    But for security reasons, while logging in to Gmail, you must enter any exact same username you have registered first.

    Note: Google Apps recognizes dots. If you’d like to receive mail with a dot in your username, please ask your domain administrator to add the desired username as a nickname.

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