Download Google voice client for Mac:Voice mac

do you need a google voice client for your Mac device to call your google contacts so you can go for downloading the Voice mac which is a Gecko’s media product. The voice Mac is desktop client forĀ  Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) or later just like the Google Voice air app for windows and Linux. voice mac was first released just 2 month ago and now is having a Voice Mac Beta 5 version.

voice mac1

Having a very basic setup it is just like an IM client which have filterable contact list including your all dialled and received call which arenot on your google contact can use seprtae windows for different tasks like viewing SMS and call history.


  1. Short Message Service (SMS).
  2. Voicemail.
  3. Calling people using your forwarding phones.
  4. Contact list with the options of Google Contacts or Address Book.
  5. Contact Filter.
  6. Growl for SMS and Voicemail.
  7. SMS History so you can go and view old SMS.

voice mac

It is also having Address Book and Growl can get a detail information about the beta version by visiting the main site here.

download: Link.

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