Download google wave desktop client: WAVER an AIR app

wavw 0AIR apps made by adobe are now rocking the web world and many applications which are build by Adobe AIR are very popular like Tweetdeck now the with the gaining popularity of google wave many people want their wave to be still on their desktop so the AIR application Waver by Jash Sayani is here. this application is very siple but helpful as we dont have to open the browser all the time to check the new wave and reply them you can create new waves, or update existing ones.

wave 1

this simple waver can be run on any operating system which have Adobe air installed means it runs on Linux, Mac or any machine running adobe air.

but the point that Waver is merely rendering Google Wave using WebKit which is used by chrome and other browsers so is there any diffrence in using a desktop client or using a tab of your chrome browser.

wave 2

if you have downloaded waver and using it give your fedback heer to evaluate how beneficial waver can be as a desktop client ?

Download waver

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