Download Skype 2.1 Beta For Linux

skype-logoJust a few days ago Skype has released its latest version for Linux which is Skype 2.1 . in he previos version skype 2.0 for linux they added the video suport facility now in this version they have introduced improved audio and video features quality just like Mac or Windows skype


earlier on this site we have discussed latest version of skype.

and skype in nokia mobile


now in this version the key features and improvements are listed as below:

  • Send SMS messages
  • Create contacts groups
  • Skype‚Äôs SILK codec for outstanding sound quality
  • Pulse Audio system.
  • improvements to chat like typing indicator,latest emoticons and message editing.

more about this version you can check their official website SKYPE.

this version is rolled out with the support for Ubuntu, Fedora, OpenSUSE and Debian.

you can also download this latest version of skypeit from here :

Download skype link

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