Emoji iOS App Brings Emoticons to Texts, e-mails & Notes

A picture speaks a thousand words. Sometimes words just can’t describe what you want to say, luckily images can. Emoji app brings this magic of images to your iOS devices. Emoji add emoticons into text messages, notes or emails. So, why type boring messages when you can give picture representation for your words. You can insert emoticons into your texts to make them more appealing. Let me explain, if you want to go for a dinner, long drive or any thing else; simply insert emoticons for food, drinks, simile’s in your text. This work as a strategic plan to please friends and make them accept for plan.

You can use Emoji in text messages, emails, notes, web sites, or almost anywhere you can type text. There is only a single drawback for this app that ONLY Apple devices can display the icons. To everyone else the icons show up as jibberish. This is a limitation of the Emoji character set, and all Emoji apps behave this way.

Emojis App Features

  • App has over 460 icons to choose from: people, Animals, Food, Places, Silliness and many more.
  • It respond to touches/drags across the screen, Double tapping, Gravity and movement of your device.
  • App comes with Emoji Tumble, a physics based sandbox. for extra fun, type ‘fish’ ‘lift’ ‘rotate’ or ‘fire’ into the tumble text box. Keywords can optionally include a positive/negative number, such as ‘lift3’ or ‘rotate-2’
  • App supports many languages like: English, Arabic, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish
  • Emoji app works great on Apple iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. To use this app you need iOS version 3.0 or later.

Emoji is a free app but don’t be confused with its free nature. This is the full functional app, even paid apps don’t bring more emoticon then this. The reason is, all Emoji apps have the same icons, because the icons are already present on your device. The app simply enables the emoji keyboard that’s normally hidden from you. So don’t buy emoticon app when you can get them for free.

Your friends gets jealous as you have something more interesting on your iPhone. I believe that it is only a matter of time before the recipient decides it is something that they too, need to download.

Emoji Download <Link>

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