Etherpad is acquired by google for polishing google Wave

Google is buying up something new .Now Google takes over  Appjet to nurture google wave .

“The EtherPad team will continue its work on real-time collaboration by joining the Google Wave team,”AppJet announced in their blog.  AppJet build Etherpad , a powerful real-time collaboration similar to the Google Docs text editor , because google Docs are difficult  to share with other people directly. It needs sending an email, and all collaborators must have a Google Docs account. With EtherPad, users just  need to  copy and paste a link, without need of emails or accounts .

Recently launched Google Wave has functionality of  instant messaging powered with e-mailing ,searching and files uploading. EtherPad  provide the  functional ability of making possible  to  multiple users edit the same document at the same time. For the query visit EtherPad FAQ.

EtherPad  free and premium users can  use the service till March 31, 2010 after which all the data  will be removed from the EtherPad. It is also announced that no new public pads would be launched and no more sign-ups would be accepted.

All terms and conditions of  acquisition are not disclosed yet.For the more details about Etherpad ,users can view the EtherPad blog.                 

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