Evernote has released version 3.0 for Mac with New User Interface

Evernote’s biggest change on iOS is the possibility of creating and editing notes with rich text styles.Evernote has released updates for iPhone and iPad apps.with the help of these new updates apps are able to:-
-Access to shared notebooks.
-Rich text support.
-Power to search inside the notes from anywhere in the apps.
“All-Notes” view is a new feature for iPad users where they can glint at everything they have stored in one location.
This update dramatically increases the creation and editing capabilities of Evernote for iOS. You will be able to edit any note that contains rich text that was created on the device. You will also be able to edit any note that contains styles available on iOS
Evernote is now allowing Premium subscribers to set a passcode lock for the app, which you can adjust in the app’s settings

Evernote’s biggest advantage over standalone text editors or image capturing tools is that it’s got a full ecosystem living behind it.Evernote’s API to bring always-connected note creation and “memory management” to other platforms and devices.
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