Facebook integreation with tweetdeck (v0.24b )

@tweetdeck is adding really cool functionality in new version of tweetdeck v0.24b which is inteagration of facebook on tweetdeck . Till now there was no such software that update the facebook  status online.

after installing the new version you have to go through two steps

Firstly you can click on the Facebook icon at the top and, once you have signed into Facebook and given TweetDeck authorisation, this will add a new column full of each of your friends most recent status update which updates automatically once a minute. From here you can email the update out to anyone, tweet it out over twitter, view the users online status and if they are online right now click on their name (or the green online status indicator) to open Facebook chat right within TweetDeck.

twitter and facevook updates

This release is not being pushed out to everyone right now since it is still being tested. Do feel free to install it directly from http://tweetdeck.com/beta/TweetDeck_0_24_2.air but be aware this is very beta software and is at your own risk. If you are not comfortable with this then please wait for the next major release where this functionality will be rolled up and better tested.

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