Features In BizzBizz, A Social Media Solution For Business

BizzBizz creates a boom in the field of buisness’s social media. BizzBizz provides an easiest way to manage your business’s social media.With the help of BizzBizz you can customize Facebook pages,manage all your social media accounts at one place,monitor your brand and also you can see the track results.

There are many features of bizzbizz . Some are mentioned below..

1.) Scheduling :

With the help of bizzbizz  you Schedule your email and social media campaigns ahead of time so that you can reach your customers when they’re most likely to read and respond to your messages. You can even configure BizzBizz to send your messages on a recurring basis.

Use BizzBizz’s interactive drag-and-drop calendar to easily plan your message schedule.

2.) Facebook Management :

Using bizzbizz we manage multiple facebook account from one place.

Use BizzBizz to post updates to your Facebook Pages, Profiles, Groups and Photo Albums.  Easily track results with BizzBizz powerful analytics.

3.) Twitter Management :

It’s same as facebook management… with the help of bizzbizz we Manage multiple Twitter accounts

Use Bizzbizz to manage and track all your Twitter profiles in one place.its very difficult to access all twitter account so bizzbizz make this task easy to access all twitter account.

4.) Brand Monitoring :

With the help of bizzbizz you know that what people are saying about your product and your business.

You take review from this and if the responses are in negative side then you check your business and know what the fault is.

Monitor what’s being said about your brand on blogs, news, social networks and in comments. BizzBizz sentiment analysis highlights which mentions you should respond to.

5.) Blog Management :

Bizzbizz supports you to Post multiple blogs at once and track views over time.

BizzBizz supports all the blogging platforms you’d expect, including WordPress (self-hosted), WordPress.com, Blogger, Posterous and Tumblr. You can even create your own blogs using the BizzBizz’s platform.

Use BizzBizz WYSIWYG editor to compose content-rich blog posts. Embed images and videos with ease. Use BizzBizz analytics to track which blog posts generated the most hits.


So, in this article we mentioned few of those features and in the next article you will find many more features of bizzbizz.stay connected with Techmadly.com and you can try these features and learn more bu visiting http://www.bizzbizz.net




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