Find My iPhone:A New Phone Recovery Tool Launched By Apple..

If you have lost your iPhone then Find My iPhone application can help you to locate your missing iPhone.Find My iPhone is a new recovery tool launched by Apple.This application is free on the Apple store and available to anyone.
So if you misplace your iPhone device,just download the Find My iPhone application on friends iPhone,iPod or iPad and sign into access all the features of Find My iPhone application on the spot.
The devices show up on the map as a blue dot. You can then pick the device and choose to remote lock it, remote wipe it or send it a message or sound.

Steps to set up Find My iPhone  application:-
1. Make sure  your iPhone is running iOS 4.2 or later .If you are creating a free account for the first time you need an iPhone 4
2. Go to setting icon and select Mail,Contacts,Calender.
3. Go to Add account button and select MobileMe.
4. If you have your Apple id and password then login to your account otherwise create free Apple id and follow the onscreen instruction.
5. Verify your Mobile Me account.
6. After verifing switch on the Find My iPhone application.
7. When the Find My iPhone application appears click on Allow.
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