Firefox 10 Arrives with Powerful New Developer Tools

Firefox is the most loved web browser because of its great add-on compatibility. Web developers loves its highly powerful developer tools like Firebug, Web Developer toolbar and many more. Now with the release of Firefox 10, Mozilla adds a new web developer tools in Firefox core and makes other handful of improvements. with this built in toolbar developers change the look and feel of websites in real-time.

With new Page Inspector, developers can peek into a page’s structure and layout without having to leave Firefox. This means they can quickly navigate between page elements and view the HTML document structure for the page. This works similar as Firebug add-on does. Inspect Element has two basic inspector, one is HTML Inspector and another is CSS (or Style) Inspector.

Style Inspector makes editing the style of websites even easier. Now developers have quick access to CSS properties and can view or change values for their website within Firefox. Scratchpad now uses the Eclipse Orion code editor to provide syntax highlighting and other features that make it easier and simpler to write JavaScript.

With improved Element Inspector Firefox introduces the Mozilla Full-Screen API and Web applications. This Full Screen API allows developers to build Web experiences that leverage the entire screen. Developers now create full screen games, immersive video experiences and rich presentation sharing.

Page Inspector Features Video:

WebGL, that allows websites and Web apps to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics without third-party software is now introduced in Firefox. With WebGL’s Anti-Aliasing, Firefox now allow developers to create objects that blend together and move smoothly. Firefox also supports CSS 3D Transforms, which lets developers animate and transform two dimensional elements into 3D using HTML5 without the need for third-party plugins.

With these new features Firefox also improves some other features. A minor adjustment to the browser’s navigation bar is the biggest user-facing change in Firefox 10. The forward arrow button is no longer persistently visible by default in the navigation toolbar. It will only appear when the user navigates back a page.

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