FLY E105 ( Touch Screen by FLY )


This touchscreen handset from Fly; has great multimedia features

  • It is a touchscreen phone with sleek looks
  • The E105 boasts of a 3.2-megapixel camera with LED flash
  • It comes with a music camera and an FM radio with schedule FM record
  • The phone comes preloaded with Opera Mini Web browser

Fly has launched some very interesting phones off late. After the Hummer and the MC100 (the one with Yamaha speakers), the company has introduced the E105, a complete touchscreen phone but it is not a Windows mobile. The phone is slim and square. Although the black body has a metallic look, on touch is does feel a bit plasticky. The feeling becomes more pronounced when users open the back flap of the phone.

The handset has a 2.4- inch screen. Under the screen is the D-Pad and on its sides are two vertical metallic keys. fly_e105The upper half of these keys is the short key to the menu and contacts, while the lower half forms the calling keys. On the left panel is the USB and the headset slot, which is the same for both. On the right are the volume control and shutter release keys.

An interesting feature is that for unlocking the phone, users have to slide the stylus through the screen to the unlocking bar. At times this process has to be repeated on number of occasions. The handset is extremely responsive to both the stylus and fingers.

Speaking about the stylus, there is no provision of a stylus slot. It comes separately with a string, which can be tied to the neckband slot. This is a little inconvenient as the stylus keeps dangling and there are chances that one might just lose is.

The Multimedia point

The E105 has a 3.2-megapixel camera, which gives good picture quality is more than what we expected . The highest resolution that can be set is 2048 X 1536. Thecamera is accompanied by a LED flash. However, users need to switch it on and off manually. As for the gallery,the only option for editing a picture is to rotate it. While viewing the picture, one can zoom in and out as well. The picture quality in the video mode is also commendable.

The music capabilities of the phone include a music player and an FM radio. Users can create playlists either from the phone’s memory or through the memory card. Adding songs is very simple and users can also create different albums.

There are seven audio equaliser presets, which can also defined manually. The phone supports A2DP so one can listen to music through Bluetooth headsets also. The sound quality through the headsets is amazing. However, it could have |been better on the loudspeaker mode.

In the FM radio, users can set up to 30 channels. Radio reception wavers a bit while on the move. The schedule FM record feature lets users schedule the recording of their favourite programmes without even having to listen to them.

TECH Features

Apart form the multimedia features, the E105 is accompanied by some great additional features. The phone comes pre-loaded with the Opera Mini browser, which makes Web browsing an excellent experience. It also has applications like e-book reader and remote PC control.Through it we were able to control the PC’s desktop, media player and also the PowerPoint presentations. This feature enabled us to control the left click and right click of the mouse. We could also move the mouse through it. However, it did take time for us to adjust to the feature.

TECH Performance

The battery backup of the E105 phone is pretty good. A full charge can easily give two hours of music and one hour of making and receiving calls. The text input method includes a full QWERTY onscreen keypad, which comes with an option of changing it to an alpha numeric one. However there is no handwriting recognition.

The phone can support up to 4 GB memory. The sales pack includes a car charger, USB charger and a TV out cable along with the software mini CD. fly_e105_1

Tech Specifications

Size | 99 x 54.5 x 13.35mm
Weight | 85 grams
Memory | 87MB, microSD
Battery | Li-Ion 1100mAh
Screen | 16 million colours
Talktime/Standby | Up to 2.1
hours/ Up to 180 hours
Bluetooth/Infrared | Yes/No
Phonebook Capacity | 1000
Speakerphone | Yes
Camera | 3.2 megapixel
Frequency | GSM 900/1800/1900
thers | FM radio, LED Flash,
music playerPrice | Rs 8,500




BEST price

The Fly E105 costs Rs 8,500. No other touchscreen phone is available in this range. However, another phone with similar features that can be considered is the Sony Ericsson K790i priced at Rs 9,695.

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