Free Anti-virus for Windows 7 The Microsoft Security Essential

Are you fed up with searching for best anti-virus for your windows PC or laptop, because most of the time many free or paid antiviruses do not detect all type of malwares leaving you Pc vulnerable to threats.

Based on My own Experiences with Paid and free anti-virus program only a possible combination of a antimalware and a antivirus can be a option for better security, though using the two take a lot of ram memory space slowing down your computer. I had also faced this Kind of problems until i find out about the Microsoft security essentials

which is a combined anti-virus and anti-malware  from Microsoft which can be installed on any windows machine running equivalent or greater than Windows XP. The best feature of this Product is it do not consume a lot of memory space and keeps your computer protected in real time protection.


It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/ Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit and  its free for all genuine windows Systems. According to ZDnet it detects around 98% of the malwares.

Read some More review before you download and us the Microsoft Security Essentials.

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Microsoft Security Essentials: Never Pay For Anti-Virus Again
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