Get more refined results in google with 9 new added search options

If u r googler like me and want any information then just go to google and search that .now  u must be happy to see nine new  search options added by google. U must try it ,just go to the google and click on the show option in the blue colour.clickgoo

Following 9 new  google Search Options are:

1 . Past hour: with this option you can be able to see most recent results in google index.

2 . Books: It is helpful to show the results of the information which is published from a specific

time  period

3 . Blogs: if you want  the results which  are related to only blogs then  you must select this point.

4 . News: you must select this point  to get news result related to your  keyword .

5 . Visited pages: if you have selected this option then this will show the only results that you have visited last time provided you must signed in  google account and your web history activated.

6 .Not yet visited: If  don’t want last visited then go for this option.

7. Specific date range: If  you  want to see results from a specific time period like 12/05/08 to    12/06/09 then you need to go to this option.

8 .More shopping sites : with this option you will get results of stores listed and products  with the prices.visi

9 . Fewer shopping sites :   On their blog google has given a example to explain this by

Example search: [flip camera]

Click on the link in Search Options that says “Fewer shopping sites” and you’ll see mostly reviews and technical specifications.

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  1. yep this is a totally new tool for me ven i have not used the prev prersent one because of no knowledge thanks for keeping the words here.

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