Gmail lab feature email addict: take a break from Email

Today the email system has became the main stream of communication as in almost every industry even the smallest order is done via sending email. Now when it comes to uses we check each and every minute  for new emails but sticking through email or the Internet may also cause harmful effects to our health so it is always advisable to get some rest and leave the system for few minutes. This gap relaxes body system.

but even after much advise we forget to take a break and keep stick to the system. Imagine a identifier that stops you after some time and say it is break and jam almost every activity going on .No guys you don’t have to think there is already a system created by Gmail labs which work in gmail or google apps domains. The feature is named as email addict in  gmail labs.

email addict 1

This gmail lab feature developed by …. Is available in setting>>gmail labs>>email addict.


Once you enable this lab feature. It will count the time you are on the mail page but does not show the time and if you are online for a long time it hangup the screen and put your chat in invisible mode. After this hangup you can do anything related to your mail for a period of 15 minutes.

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