Google +1 Button Is Available Now On Mobile Websites

Google has announced that the +1 button will also now work on mobile websites without the webmaster needing to make any changes to the coding on their site.If you use the same code on your mobile and desktop sites, no action is required.The button will automatically be visible to anyone on Android 2.1+ and iOS 4.0+ browsers.Now people can share their favorite pages and info just like anyone else who are browsing with their Smartphones.

The +1 button helps people around the web get recommendations from their friendsWhen you +1 something, it will be displayed publicly across the Web as an annotation on the content you +1’d.This is a nice step which will certainly help increase the adoption rate, and use of the +1 button, as well as Google+ itself.

The +1 button mobile upgrade follows recent feature rollouts, including friend annotations, +1 sharing with Google+ circles.Other mobile users don’t get to use the +1 button yet. The way things have been developing lately, it may be a while before BlackBerry or Windows Phone users get the +1 button.

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