Google+ Hangouts Is Now Available In Android smartphone

Google+ Hangouts is now available in your Android smartphone.This new feature include the option to video chat from your mobile phone, make a public hangout into a broadcast, name a hangout, share a screen, do a group doodle, create Google Docs, and access the Hangouts API.

Google+ Hangouts will be accessible from any Android 2.3 or higher device that has a front-facing camera as of the current mobile version update. Users can simply tap “Join” on any hangout in their stream to jump into the hangout.Google is making a nod to users who have been using Hangouts to create their own small talk shows, game shows, and other broadcasts.

New functionalities are being added to hangouts too.Now Users can share their screen’s current content, open up a sketchpad to start a group doodle, or open Google Docs to work a collaborative document.Hangouts have also been seen by business owners as a unique marketing opportunity and by creative users as a new place to experiment.

Google’s changed the name of “Huddles” to “Messenger” and added image sharing within the actual chat system, something we have been waiting for here at Android Community since the launch of Huddles. The app for Android has also added more notification options, and the choice to move the G+ app to your SD card for older phones.



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