Google Has Changed Its Search Engine Algorithm

Google has now changed its search algorithm to provide freshness.According to Google this change will impact 35% of overall Web searches. This new change builds at the top of  previously Caffeine update by Google.Main purpose of this change is to deliver more up-to-date and relevant search results to the users.New update includes things such as recent events, current reviews,hot topics, and breaking news items.

For recent events and news search,Google will now show the search results at the top of the page that are just only some minutes old.For the events that occur regularly such as a football match ,the Oscars,President elections etc.,Google knows that people are likely take interest in the most recent events,even at the time when you do not specify perticular keywords to indicate them.

If you search “Facebook earnings” then this would not require to also type “Q4 2011” to see the latest information.It will already implied that your search meant this latest quarter and there is no need to type the extra text.News items and stock symbols have already ranked by Google at the top of the page.The more relevant search results is more often the perticular one that is relevant now,Its clear that Google has now understand  this.

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