Google Has Introduced Suggested Times in Google Calendar

Google is updating all of its products day by day.Currently Google has launched a new update to its product Google Calender.This new update adds an awesome feature called “Suggested Times” into Google Calender.To create an event is a simple process but detecting a time that is suitable for everyone is a tricky process.”Suggested Times” feature will surely make this process easier and save a lot of time.

To get statrted this feature:-

1. First create a Calender event.
2. Add guest into that event and then click on Suggested Times.
3. The new list will include the next available time of all the participants.

Suppose you want to make a meeting with someone and that perticular person has already busy in another meeting at 4 pm then it will suggest the times like 3 pm and 5 pm.Every time when people does not want to make meeting they simply respond with  No.This result you to have to send a fresh new invite and if your company is using Suggested times feature for meetings on the basis of your employees calender then this will save a lot of time.

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