Google Is Going To Add Some New Features In Google Reader

Google has just announed that they will going to make some important and highly requested changes to its product Google Reader.The new Google Reader will have a brand new design similar to the many of Google’s other products.The most important change that Google is going to make in the Reader is that they are going to bring Reader and Google+ close together.With the help of this unique feature users can able to share their best feeds with the right circles.

In the next updated Google reader most of the social features will soon be available with the help of Google+.You can also prepare the Reader specific circles now by just sign-up the Google+ account.Google will also extending the Reader’s subscription export feature so that it includes all the following items.
1. Important subscriptions.

2. Shared items list.

3. Friend list


5. Starred Items

The new Google Reader will surely provide a better platform to read and share your important feeds,and with addition to Google+ feature  users are able to share all the important services.You can also select other sites and their important services to send your shared items to. Selected sites will be seen in the Send to menu at the bottom of each item.

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