Google labs launched fast flip for news readers

Google labs launched fast flip for the news readers  by providing  bundles of  latest news  ,top headlines ,breaking news in a sequential way  feeded by individual top publishers . News  readers will have a new experience while browsing fast flip.

Testing of fast flip is done with  partnership of top 36 publishers . They will also get revenue from ads of the left side of the fast flip pages which is under plans of google .fast flip is a new reading experience which is designed to make the  news readers more comfortable as the way readers turn the pages of magazines and newspapers .

For the fast flip the publishersneed to work upon presentation as well as headlines because an attractive presentation may  get more clicks in comparison to headlines.


Readers will be able to read of the story inside a section of flip but to read the whole story  they ned to click on the story ,going through to the publisher’s website .

In brief ,  readers can  get fast browsing, natural magazine-style navigation, recommendations from friends and other members of the community and a selection of content  that is personalised and for individuals.

Google’s fast flip is lookalike  microsoft’s new bing feature : visual search.but  some of these features are totally different.


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  1. is this true? i think they have launch only testing version means beta i mean not the full version what about full version because thi is opening by link on labs

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