Google PageRank Update Schedule for year 2010

Google-Pr update

We all got the updated google PR (page rank) for the 1st  update of year 2010 and got back its PR 3. If you are a blogger or Webmaster then you must be knowing the importance of Google PR because it affects:

  • Your SERP (Search Engine Ranking Point).
  • SERP in turn affects your ranking of web page for a common keyword.
  • If you are running Google adsense to get money then higher PR means higher income.
  • Higher PR will return you google traffic which will boost up your ranking like Alexa etc.

as you may be knowing that The Google PR updates every four time in a year which means every 3 months you got a PR update that is visible to you but the actual PR update every day and we can’t access that. Based on the previous year updates the schedule of this year update may be most likely follow these dates:

1st PR Update 31st March – 30th April
2nd PR Update 31st June – 30th July
3rdPR Update 31st September – 30th October
4th PR Update 31st December – 31st January 2011

The actual update for you may vary from these dates this is a expected data based on prev years.

For more detailed explanation Read Matt Cutt’s blog on What’s An Update and his More info on PageRank, and the lastest Explaining Updates.

Check your Updated PR now

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7 Responses

  1. The Google has not updated the PR as of today October 2. I hope it will be this week. I am already excited to see what my new blog can do. I did a lot of free SEO, so I think I’ll earn some PR.

  2. Whew.. hope the update comes sooner, rather then later. I’m caught in a situation were my PR is 1, but my MozRank is 4.23… Everything I’ve found says these numbers should be much closer in value – unless of course I’m being hit with a PR Penalty… Then again, my site is <1 year old, so.. maybe it's just lagging? Argh

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