Google Project Glass Could Replace Today’s Smartphones

We have listened many rumours about Google’s work on wearable augmented reality display glasses. Google’s project Glass could brings your texts, emails, music, weather, and more beamed directly to your field of vision. Actually the idea is to utilize most of the technology advancements we have today to make futuristic devices.

The concept behind Project Glass is to make a concept device that puts your smartphone into a pair of slim glasses and projects its contents for some futuristic, voice-activated fun. You can share thoughts with your Google+ Circle, receive messages, do hangouts and lot more. The Google X team (A team that work for Google’s future secret project) released a video on YouTube that shows how this technology will helps us.

In this video you can see various Google services popped out in front of Google glass wearer. He can see calendar, Google+, the time, temperature, camera, chat, location, and more. Reminders pop up about meetings later that evening, and text messages come in as he’s eating breakfast. He speaks a response and sends it off without ever putting down the egg and cheese. Full functional Google Maps Navigation guides him to the way. This whole device works with voice guide, that means you will not have to touch these glasses to take photos, just give it a voice command and voilà it capture the screen in a moment.

By seeing this video we conclude that future would be very technical and beautiful.We could communicate with family and friends with a blink of eye. There is no official information on the time-frame of the release of the actual products as it is still in the testing stage. Till than we have to just wait and watch.

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