Google Services Blocked in China Again

According to watchdog group Google services are currently blocked in China, Google has experienced a precipitous drop in traffic from China, which  Web-monitoring group attributed to the search engine being “blocked” by the government.

The group said  “The subdomains,,,,,, and perhaps many more are all currently DNS poisoned in China.”


Data given by Google’s Transparency Report, which monitors the accessibility of its services around the world, shows a sharp drop off in traffic — to roughly half the normal amount — to Google’s Web sites as of early this morning California time.

According to, anyone in China trying to access Google services are redirected to an IP address in Korea that doesn’t serve any website at all.

“This means that none of these websites, including Google Search, currently work in China, unless you have a VPN or other cirumvention tool,” the blog said.

Google sent CNET a statement  saying: “We’ve checked and there’s nothing wrong on our end.”

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