Google Services for website:Latest Google product for your website

Google is giving its costumers a biggest gift by announcing new service:Google Service For Website.This service is a tools that you can enable with your hosting service to help you improve your website. making it easier toWith the help of this tool user can drive traffic to your site, monetize your site through the Google ad network, and enhance your search capabilities to help your visitors find information on your site faster with the help of Webmaster Tools, AdSense, Custom Search, and Site Search.

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<strong>How it works</strong>


With Webmaster Tools – Create accounts, submit sitemaps, implement single sign-on for your customers, and add your customer’s sites to their webmaster tools accounts and verify their ownership. With Google Custom Search Engine – Create accounts, quickly add search functionality to customer’s websites, and associate AdSense accounts with CSE for immediate monetization. With Google Site Search – Same functionality as Custom Search but with more customization and the ability to display ads-free search results. With AdSense – Create AdSense Accounts and monetize sites.

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According to Google The biggest advantage of using google service is

New! Make money through AdSense and Google Site Search referrals

The program offers great value to your publishers, as well as revenue opportunities for you and your publishers.

  1. Your customers — publishers and website owners — can share revenues with Google if they monetize their search results and content using Google AdSense. Google Custom Search can be configured to show ads on the search results pages (similar to what you see on using Adsense for Search. Publishers can also monetize their content using AdSense for Content (AFC).
  2. You, as a provider of Google Services for Websites, will also be able to participate in referral programs that will offer you revenue opportunities. You will receive a referral fee when your website owners create new AdSense accounts that generate revenue. When your publishers upgrade their Custom Search engines to take advantage of flexible branding and further customization options via Google Site Search, you are eligible for a referral fee on those upgrades.
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