Google Shuts Down 6 more Services Including Picnik & Sky Map

In the process of spring cleaning Google shuts down few more products. Some less popular products will be merged as a feature in other stabilized products and some goes open-sourced. Google acquired these startups by paying a lot of money and when these services failed to achieve the promise they hoped for, Google shuts them. There is a comprehensive list of this 2012 Google cleanup.

1. Picnik:

Google acquired Picnik, online photo editor tool in 2010. The goal of this purchase is to allow Picasa users to edit and save their photos online. Picnik will be retired on April 19, 2012 so the Picnik team can continue creating photo-editing magic across Google products. You can download a zip file of your creations through Picnik Takeout or copy them to Google+. Google made Picnik premium service is free to everyone until it shuttered. All the premium members will receive a full refund in the coming weeks.

2. Google Sky Map:

Sky Map was created by half a dozen Googlers at the Pittsburgh office in 2009. This product is initiated to show off the amazing capabilities of the sensors in the first-generation Android phones and offer a window into the sky. Google doesn’t going to shut it down but opens it for open-source community to make it more diverse.

3. Google Message Continuity (GMC):

GMC is an email disaster recovery product for enterprise customers that use Google’s cloud to back up emails originally sent or received in an on-premise, Microsoft Exchange system. This service was started in Dec, 2010. The aim to backup data over cloud is offered within cloud storage services using Google Apps hence there is no need to use another service with same features. Current GMC customers will be able to use GMC for the duration of their contract and are encouraged to consider using Google Apps as their primary messaging and collaboration platform.

4. Urchin:

Urchin, an online analytic product, was acquired by Google in 2005, that became the foundation for Google Analytics. Analytics helps businesses of all sizes measure their websites visits, stats, demographics and online marketing. Google now focus on this online analytics service rather then Urchin which was client side application. New Urchin Software licenses will no longer be available after March 2012.

5. Social Graph API:

Social Graph API is a developer side app which stores information about public connections between people on the web. This app failed to gain exposure and will be shuttered down on April, 2012.

6. Needlebase:

Needlebase is a less known Google product, even I haven’t heard its name before today. Needlebase is a data management platform which was acquired from ITA software. This technology is being evaluated for integration into Google’s other data-related initiatives.

Google acquires new initiatives that attracts Google’s mind as a high prices. Google tweaks these product and make them available within Google’s already existing services. Some services boost Google’s reputation and attracts mass but some failed to gain exposure. Time to time Google shut down less popular services or make them open-sourced.

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