Google to Introduce Face Recognition in Google+

Google’s kid Google+ is becoming fancy with Face Recognition feature. This new feature makes members of its online social network automatically find themselves in photos posted by friends. You have control over the tags that you accept or refuse, and you can activate or disable the function in Google+ settings.

You have to just enable ‘Turn my Face’ feature and voila! you activate face recognition feature. By turning on Find My Face, Google+ can prompt people you know to tag your face when it appears in photos. This makes tagging your photos much easier for your contacts and circle. Google gives you total control over enabling or disabling this feature, as for some users this may be a privacy concern.

Google+ now has more than 40 million users. Google recently took integration of Google+ Circles into the Gmail contacts manager. If you use Google+, you can now grow your circles, filter emails and contacts by circles, keep all your contact information up-to-date automatically and share photos to Google+, all right from Gmail and Contacts. Google is hoping to move from being a simple social network to an evolutionary service with applications built on a social base.

Google tries very hard and step by step process to beat king of social media i.e. Facebook. Still Google+ is far behind from Facebook as it has 800 million user base in comparison to 40 million of Google+.

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