Google To Launch Online Music Store In “Several Weeks”

Google has been pretty quiet about music since unveiling a cloud service in May, but now the search company reportedly wants to launch an MP3 store.

Google could launch the music store in the next several weeks, according to the New York Times, which said the search giant has held talks with top record labels.

The MP3 store would likely be connected to Google’s cloud music service, the Times reported. In addition, one source with knowledge of the talks told CNET today that Google has also looked into the possibility of obtaining worldwide music rights.

Google is hatching plans for an online music store moving the company into direct competition with Amazon and Apple in the digital music space.

The company’s rumoured new store would provide both conventional MP3 music for download and streaming services to play music direct to devices.

A Google spokeswoman declined to comment.

Several other industry sources told me that there is no final agreement about the MP3 store and talks are further along with some of the record companies than they are with others.

There is significant potential to leverage Google’s other services, and Google+ in particular, for a more connected online music experience. Yet, at the same time, with these companies well placed and performing well, there will be pressure on the music store to avoid joining Google TV amongst the list of Google flops.

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  1. Looks like Google are going head-to-head with Apple and this development should help them support their focus on smartphones and tablets. Their acquisition of Motorola a few months ago also gives them hardware to optimise for. Should be interesting to see if Amazon also end up releasing more mobile hardware after the Kindle Fire too.

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