Google to Shutdown 7 Services including Gears and Wave

Google Spring Cleanup

In the mid of this year Google announced that the search giant is planning to shutdown some of its products having less user base. Google named this procedure as ‘Spring Cleaning’ and now ready for third round of cleanup. Google Spring Cleanup

In third cleanup process Google’s senior vice president announces to end these product: Google Wave, Google Gears, Knol, Google Friend Connect, Google Search Timeline, Bookmarks List and Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal. All of these products are less famous online or offline and failed to gain exposure around globe.

Wave was advertised as e-mail killer but failed to get attention. After this clean up process Google Wave will become read-only on January 31, 2012 and will shut down on April 30. You’ll be able to continue exporting individual waves using the existing PDF export feature until the Google Wave service is turned off.

On December 1, 2011, Gears-based Gmail and Calendar offline will stop working across all browsers, and later in December Gears will no longer be available for download. Similarly Google Friend Connect, connecting blogs with visitors, will be shuttered after March, 2012. Bloggers can create Google+ pages for their blog or website and place Google+ badge to send followers to Google+ page.

Google is previously closed Buzz, Aardvark, Desktop, Fast Flip, Notebook and 10’s more. This reason behind this cleanup is growing user base of Google+. Google patch some features of these product into Google+ and make Plus bigger. So we can expect more cleanup with time as Google Plus continue to climb.

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