Google wave Get started: Part 2

google_wave_logowe discussed yesterday to get started on wave so no to be active on wave you must be get into the conversation or find the conversations of  your interest so if you want to be in the scoop so here are some tips for you.

Wave of your interest:

The simplest way to get into conversations is you get the wave in which you will get the conversation of you interest

with:public tag: wordpress

now by entering this you will get all wave which have tag wordpress and are Public here public means a wave in which all have access.

searching is the best familiar thing in wave you can get like you can search for talk on notebook,gadgets, and many more thing just btyping

with:public tag: tag

wave publci

Managing waves:

Drag the wave you want to delete from the search panel to the Trash icon in the Navigation panel

or delete by going to edit menu and select delete from it.

you can also unfollow the wave you don’t want in your inbox.

to delete all waves from your inbox you juts have to :

  • Create a new Search (click the +ADD button on the left bar).
  • Enter a name for the search, such as “Clear Inbox”

Organizing waves:

It is very necessary when the inbox is full of crap to organize the wave in our order so you can make it by creating folders here it is how to do

click Add in the folders section in navigation panel it will Create a folder

Add waves to it using the folder button in the toolbar

so now you wnat to refine your search just click on the folder it will show the only content in it.

so if you find some ting interesting you cal also post in comments and stick to techmadly for more tips in exploring waves

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