Google wave get started: Part 3 The Extensions

google_wave_logoYou may have been using google wave from the very first time when it was launched but still are you aware of the integration extension that works in wave. Yea there is something interesting that you must know about some integration bots so that make your waving a easy job. you can subscribe to email and connect to facebook, post message on twitter or use gtalk in your google wave and also you can edit your documents so have a look on these extensions below:

      1.Emaily Robot:   by adding this bot to your wave account you can send and receive emails in Google Wave just you have to do it add 

    2. title=”Friends-Wave” href=”!w%252ByrXg42N2F” target=”_blank”>Friends-Wave: this bot let you Connects to Facebook. from this you can view and update your status, view your friends status and interact with them. you just have to add
 3.Let Wave Talk : So here ois the bot if you want the chat like gtalk in your wave It send IM alerts in Gtalk whenever any participant adds new blips or edits older blips. Works only with Gmail accounts. just add

    4.TweetWave : this bot is useful for twitter loving people which let you update your status directly to your twitter account this wave bot which integrates with twitter API’s to get latest tweets. You can Update your status and reply to any user and ReTweet from it. just add

    5. CheckWave: want to subscribe for email notification from wave just add    Allows you to subscribe for email notifications on a wave. Email contains text of Blip to subscribers and contain link back to Wave. List and unsubscribe feature available.

so if you want to know more about these bots let the discussion window blink or drop me an email we will try to provide you all the information on these extension and more.

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