Google wave Tips to Get started

google_wave_logoTill now many of us have find google wave invitation and exploring the wave world but with limited scope beacuse we donot know how to use google wave exactly to get it in your own way so here i am starting a series of tips and instructions so that new wave users could get into the stream.

Terms used:

Wave: a wave is a whole conversation on a topic started .

Reply: use to insert a reply in ongoing wave.

Playback:use it to see how the total conversation goes step by step from start.

Unfollow: use this key to unfollow or remove yourselves from the ongoing topic.

Ripple:A  document or all its descendants.

Creating New wave: to create a wave click on New wave and a box will be opened to your right side starts editing in the box to create your wave.

Editing wave:

you just have to click the pencil item to the right of the wave to edit the original content.

to save your edited wave press ctrl+enter from keyboard or click on Done.

to reply to a previous comment, click the arrow next to the pencil icon in the comment.

you can be collapse or expande Inline comments by clicking on the speech bubbles.

you can endup your editing by pressing Shift +enter.

this is what for getting started who all are new to wave keep stick here you will get regular post on wave here from now on.

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