Google’s New Music Store Reportedly To Feature Tight Integration With Google+

The search giant is looking forward to launch its Music Store in tightintegration with its social platform, Google+. The Senior Vice President of Mobile at Google Andy Rubin has already declared that the company will soon announce its new Music Store and that too ‘with a twist’ that will make it distinctive form other services.

With new service, users will be able to suggest tracks in their online music library to their friends in Google+ circle. Moreover, friends will able to listen to the track for free for the first time before being asked to pay the said amount to download the MP3.

However, we have also come to know that Sony and Warner Music have expressed their concerns over Google’s Music service. Sony is concerned about Google’s acknowledgement of piracy on YouTube and Android platforms, while Warner thinks that Google offerings are not up to the mark.

Facebook doesn’t have its own music service rather it signed deals with other companies including Spotify and Deezer recently to integrate these services in its platform.

Integration of Spotify with Facebook is disliked by many users as all the new Spotify users need to connect to Facebook account first to use the service.

The company recently announced its new social graph implementation, allowing streaming services including Spotify and Deezer to deeply integrate their platforms into the social network to share what its users were listening to, driving music sharing between friends.

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