Gpush: A Gmail Push for iPhone

gpushFor iPhone users there is a good news because due to non availibility of any application that canpush Gmail on iphone they are not able to recieve direct mail update on iPhone but now the Launch of Gpush by Tiverias Apps it is possible. its is said GPush is the missing link between GMail and the iPhone because now you are able to receive instant Gmail message notifications on the iPhone with the name of sender and the subject line on a red icon badge, a chime, and a semitransparent alert window.

this small application worth 99 cents will allow you to quickly open your mail app if new messages come in through GPush. you can manually change the notification style which include having the phone vibrate, ring, display the email message on the standby screen just like an SMS, or simply have the GPush icon show how many new messages are unread.


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according to the developer of this apps the features are:

  • Instantly receive Gmail new message notifications on the iPhone
  • Set it and Forget it: All you have to do is download the app and decide how you want to be notified of new email. You never have to open the app again after that.
  • Improved battery life: GPush uses less battery since it relies on push notifications rather than data fetching (“pulling”)
  • Ability to see emails on the standby screen just like text messages
  • SSL Security Certificate used to ensure password security for GPush users

the GPush is also available in iPhone apps store.

Download by : LINK

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