Groovebug:The New Application for iPad

A new Chicago based start-up has created an application for the iPad,Groovebug,which uses your music collection to create an iPad magazine tailored to your musical tastes.It helps you connect with and follow your favorite artists while discovering new ones along the way.

The application scans your library, compiles rich content from the cloud, and builds a fluid interactive magazine .Groovbug is powered by Echonest, Youtube, and a powerful custom aggregation engine.The free Groovebug iPad application offers different ways to play music.

Groovebug offers a simple flip-through interface that displays content related to an artist, eliminating the need to search several sites for information.The home screen features a list of artists from the user’s collection and featured content hand curated by artists, DJs, labels, and festivals.

You can listen to the music already stored on your iPad – except with the benefit of a slideshow with photos of that artist and biographies from Last.both of which are missing from the regular iPod app. So even if you just use it as a player for your own stuff, Groovebug is worth a try.


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