Group extensions bots for google wave

google-wave-logoA bunch of new learner on google wave and we add a lot of people top our contacts so if you have a large group of people on google wave and things get messy when they are not porperly organized. so here we are giging you a short list of bots which will help you to manage your group on wave in which groupy is the most used one.

1.Groupy  add this robot tpo your list just by hiting ad and adding this adress this will help you to manage the list of people  and geoup them according to interests. just add this A tool that let you make the conversation more lively or interactive just by adding a voting gadget that permits your wave participants to rate your this tool you can Posts your wave to the directory of public waves at and adds a voting gadget .you just have to go a tep add this .

3.WaveGroupy this bot or extension is used for adding or removing group just a click far it automatically adds a group widget by which you can use to browse the neighbourhood and add/remove your wave to groups. this may be handy when you are browsing a number of conversation at a time you just have to add this bot to your contact.
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