Grow Your Audience and Business With Google+

Google+, an emerging social network by Google will help you grow your business, social networks, audience and profit. Its very easy to attract users on Google Plus and make them your loyal customers too. Social media is becoming the next shopping point on the web, so its your turn to produce most out of it. Today I am going to tell you awesome Google+ feature that helps you grow your business.

1. Google+ Business Pages:

Like Facebook pages, Google+ offers Business pages for your company, brand and group. You can post your website content as feed on Google plus and updates users with your latest product. On your page, you can engage in conversations with your visitors, direct readers back to your site for the latest updates, send tailored messages to specific groups of people, and see how many +1’s you have across the web. Google+ Pages will help you build relationships with your users, encouraging them to spend more time engaging with your content.

2. Circles:

If your company offers different niches product and your audience ranges on different categories then Circle will help you. Circles on Google+ allow you to group followers of your Business Page into smaller audiences. You can then share specific messages with specific groups. For example, you could create a Circle containing your most loyal readers and offer them exclusive content.

3. Google+ Badges:

A Google+ Badge can be placed on your website so interested users can circle your business page direct from your website, no need to go on Google+ page. The only need is that visitors must logged in into their Google account. Adding your page in their circle allows them to get updates from your site via Google+.

4. Hangouts:

If your customer want to ask few questions or just check that you are real or not, you can offer them Hangouts on Google+. This way you can negotiate with them and deliver most features of your product. Hangouts make this easy, by letting you have high-quality video chats with nine people with a single click. You can use Hangouts to hold live forums, break news or simply get to know people better, all in real time.

5. The Power of +1:

You can link your website to your Google+ business page so that all your +1s from your Page, your website, and search results will get tallied together and appear as a single total. Potential visitors will be more likely to see the recommendations your site has received, whether they’re looking at a search result, your website, or your Page, meaning your +1’s will reach not only the 60 million users of Google+, but all the people who come to Google every day.

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  1. Hangouts is completely new way of personalized marketing, Earlier companies used to market themselves to a particular region or group, but now companies can target individuals without investing much.

  2. I agree with your thoughts Suraj Nair, Google+ have been explore greatly towards social lifestyle.

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