Hamster:New Time Tracking App For Linux

Hamster is Gnome application that available in panel which makes it easier to access.Hamster is a best time tracking application,which has launched for Linux.This app can track any project.It has simple start and stop buttons that allows to track your activities.You can see an overview of the day,week and month.It also shows how long you have spent on your certain activities,tags and categories.

Hamster is very simple app to use.You can create a new activity with the help of very simple menu bar applet.Just type the name of the activity,Tag it and then click on the start button.Every time you start a new activity then it stops the curret one ,you can also stop it manually.

It has very good layouts.Hamster is the only popular Time tracker on Linux which is the advantage of it.If your running the latest version of Ubuntu then it produces some problems because it still has not been updated for Gnome3.

The main disadvantage of this application is that it is not display your time in an easy to read calender view as compare to the other application on other platforms like Klok.In short Hamster is an awesome app and superiore amongst all the other applications

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