Hide a Hard disk Partition from Windows Explorer

Have some sensitive data on your computer and want to hide that from other family members and friends. You can password protect your hard drive partitions or even folders using some paid software. A password protected folder needs correct password to open folder, which raises users interest. he can try some tricks to open that folder. But today we are going to tell you a simple method with which you can hide your data easily from others.

This trick is very simple works against casual snoopers, but will not prevent a skilled spy from finding it. This works best for your children and family members. To do it, all you need is a separate partition to store all the data you want to hide. Follow these steps:

1. Create new hard drive partition:

You have to create a new hard drive partition and then format it, use default Windows Disk Management utility or any third party hard disk partition software. Name this newly created partition what you want (let us assume ‘X’) and format it. Now Transfer all sensitive data to this partition.

2. Edit Group Policy Settings:

Now start the Group Policy Editor utility; Click ‘Start > Run’ and type ‘gpedit.msc’ and press Enter. Now go to ‘User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Explorer’ on the left pane. Double-click on the ‘Hide these specified drives in My Computer’ on the right pane. In the following window, select ‘Enabled’ and choose the ‘X’ drive from the drop down list under ‘Options’. You can select as many drive you want to hide or select restrict all drive. Apply these settings and exit.

This setting removes the icons representing selected hard drives from My Computer and Windows Explorer. Also, the drive letters representing the selected drives do not appear in the standard Open dialog box.

3. Now open Windows Explorer and see the magic. Your drive X is now hidden from Windows Explorer. When you want to open this drive, just open Run , type X: and press Enter.

Share your method to hide hard disk partition.

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