Hitachi Has Updated Its Amazing Naked-Eye 3D Display Technology

Hitachi has updated its Amazing Naked-Eye 3D Display Technology.The company has been working on glasses-free 3D projection systems for years and is apparently making progress.The newest version uses a set of 24 projectors, lenses to superimpose 3D images on an object in the real-world. In the picture below for example, the hatchling isn not real, but the cradle is.

Several people can view the effect at the same time from various angles , as Hitachi’s system has a horizontal view angle of 60° and a vertical view angle of 30°.By using a Liquid Crystal Lens, which changes refraction index by controlling the orientation of liquid crystal molecules, it becomes possible to view 3D images with the naked eye.

Currently Hitachi has announced a new mobile 3D screen which can be viewed using the naked eye. The screen is IPS-based LCD and is sized at 4.5 inches, view pictures in 3D and has 400 cd/m2 brightness in 2D mode and 470 cd/m2 brightness in 3D mode. The screen also comes in a very impressive 1,280×720 resolution.

This screen can perfectly fit onto the standard Smartphone though the uptake of TV on mobile phones is not that encouraging. The parallax barrier system which separated images before for 3D viewing have been eliminated by changing the Picture optical path through LCD feature focusing.The screen can also be used in portable gaming devices.



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