Hotelicopter turns out to be biggest prank of April fool’s day

Yes, it is confirmed by the UK daily Telegraph ,Hotelicopter which was considered give a new height to the human technology development is turned out fake. The vibes started when a  World’s famous gadget blog Gizmodo publish a news about Hotelicopter. Also on searching about hotelicopter in Google the first result flashing was .

In this website all the informations regarding Hotelicopter is given like its images and specifications and everything just look real and everyone had easily believe in it because of unimaginable technology growth by  engineers of the world.

The 37 minutes video make everyone belief about the Hotelicopter which was actually a computer generated graphics (It sounds very interesting). Also facebook and twitter widget on makes millions of fans across the world.


As told by telegraph

The interior shots used for the video – which show queen-sized beds and jacuzzis – were lifted from airport hotel chain Yotel’s website.

Furthermore, only two Mil V-12s were ever built – one crashed in 1968, and the second was donated to a museum near Moscow where it still remains.”

As admitted by Gizmodo “Admittedly, the renders of the Hotelicopter all pointed to a hoax, but the truth is that we all got swept up in a viral campaign for Yotel airport hotels.”


This room is actually exist in yotel,not in hotelicopter. Just look the screenshot of homepage of which is an airport hotel.


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