How PC Market Increases After The Developement of Tablets, Smart TVs

In the starting phase Personal computers considered a bottomless market, but the rise of tablets, smart TVs and other Internet-connected devices take the market of computer from bottom to top…

First the Internet connected all the world’s PCs, and now its dominance is sweeping those antiques away as new consumer-oriented devices offer more convenient access to cloud-based services. Although this trend has been predicted before, it was not until the stunning success of Apple’s iPad, that the cannibalization started in earnest, prompting IHS iSuppli to predict that Internet-connected consumer devices will surpass PCs in unit sales by 2013.

Lumping together all the Internet-enabled devices–from televisions to gaming consoles, IHS iSuppli predicts that their unit shipments will surge from 161 million in 2010 to nearly 504 million in 2013. In contrast, it predicts 434 million units for PCs in 2013 (up from 345 million in 2010). And by 2015, Internet-enabled consumer devices will top 780 million, according to IHS iSuppli.

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