[How-to] Add Additional Clock in Windows 7 Taskbar

If you travel across borders or your relative lives in foreign countries or you are a blogger then you need some additional clocks for your Windows system. Setting up two clocks give you easy access to know time in other countries so you can communicate with peoples resides there.

Windows 7 can display up to three clocks. Setting two or three clocks in Windows 7 is an easy task. Simply follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Windows Clock in right most of Task Bar. A new window will pop up which looks like this
  2. Now click ‘Change date and time settings…’ link on this new window. This will open Windows Date and Time settings panel.
  3. Click ‘Additional Clock’ tab. With this tab you can add additional clocks that can display time zones from different time zones. To enable additional clock, check ‘Show this clock’ check box and select desired time zone from dropdown menu. Here all the global time zones are listed to choose one from. Enter name for this clock.
  4. After selecting desired time zone click Apply then OK button.
  5. Click the clock on Task Bar again to see both time zone clocks.

Isn’t it an easy task? If you have some problems setting up additional clocks in Windows systems then feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. Unexplored thing, but cracked a few jokes on colleagues by giving the clock funny name like “I’ll not work after” 🙂

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