how to add feedburner to your wordpress blog

Feeds play a very important role in driving traffic and building your regular visitors. there are many ways that you can burn your feeds but google feedburner is really cool and mostly used. when you are just starting blog on wordpress after installation and appearance optimization there are few most important steps thet you should follow like adding feedburner email subscription and registering your blog with technorati like sites.because of only your feeds the user get updates directly in their browser or by email notification that your blog has add up post or information so here  i am giving a step by step tute to how to add feedburer to your blog and how to optimize and publicize it .

first you need to go to and you need to sign in withyour  Google account.


then you will have a option for entering your feed in that box type the feed address of your blog

( for example : )


then check the box and click on next.

then on the next page enter the title of your blog and feed address which you can put as simple as like

then you will be greeted with a message that your feeds are live now here now you can go step by step or you can skip these steps and go to feed management


now on this page you have first thing to integrate your feeds to your wordpress follow the steps there in integration with selfhosted blog.


now by installing feedburner feedsmith plugin your half of work will be done now to add a email subscription box to your blog >>

to do this click on publicize then under this tab you will find an option for email subscription

click on that and do activate this service after you activate it there will be a code generated copy the code and paste it to the best place on your blg where you want to put email subscription box.

thats all if you have nay query related this you can contact me.

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