How To Apply Theme In Your BizzBizz Page

You can apply Theme inside your BizzBizz page to show all the Tabs and the overall page in a attractive and stylish look.You can choose lots of Themes from the BizzBizz Facebook application.

Steps to apply theme on the BizzBizz page:-

1.This is a page with 3 Tabs such as Home,About us and Contact us and i want to apply Theme inside my BizzBizz page then Go to right hand corner of the page and click on “Manage your page”.

2.You will see this type of page in front of you.Click on “Return To Manage Area”.


3.In this page you will see three main headings such as “Features”,”Main Settings” and “Premium Services”.Click on “Appearance” icon which is inside the “Main setting”.

4.In the “Appearance” you will see three tabs Header-image,Themes and CSS advanced.Click on the “Themes”.

5.In this page you will see different Themes,just choose a Theme and apply to your page. After applying themes your page will look like that


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